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  • ‘Life in the times of Corona’-The most used and relatable line that has become a part of all our lives. Everything we do or say either starts or ends with these lines. Everyone who is staying at home and doing

  • Coffee is a beverage enjoyed by all. The depth of aroma depends on how and the method of roasting of coffee beans. The flavour of charcoal roasted coffee beans is quite different from the other methods used worldwide. The process

  • It is something to take a moment and indulge in a hot cup of Continental Malgudi Filter Coffee. This aromatic, high quality roast coffee is sure to brighten up your mornings! Continental Malgudi Coffee gets its unmatched flavour from traditionally

  • Reminiscing the old days, you are sure to think about the time spent in coffee shops with your best buddies.What’s better than a cup of coffee to bind us all together? What is your best coffee memory? Be it with

  • Tell us why you love coffee and how do you make it your me time and win a basket full of love!   Enter to win and spread the cheer! #CoffeeTimeMeTime or #CoffeeLove or #AMomentForMyself   You could be one of our lucky winners! What

  • Have you ever imagined what goes behind the scenes in the making of a perfect cuppa? From seed to cup, the aromatic coffee goes through a series of processes before you take that satisfying sip. Let us take you through