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A trip to the secret plantations.
Aroma Locked.

Let the nostalgic fragrance of filter coffee, specially sourced from the choicest Arabica and Robusta plantations, take you to the misty hills. Choose from the four specialty blends of Continental Roast & Ground, depending on your preferred level of chicory. Close your eyes and let the whiff take you to the Annamalais, Aruku valley, Mysore, Malabar or even the Bababudangiris, Bramhaputra, Chikmagalur, Coorg, Manjarabad, Nilgiris, Travancore, Wayanad, Pulneys and beyond.


70% coffee. 30% chicory. 100% bliss.

Savour the rich and long aftertaste of Continental XTRA blended with30% chicory. The chicory, when blended with selected beans, offers a nectar like body and an alluring fragrance of warm cedar. For your health-conscious patrons, Continental XTRA offers copious amounts of dietary fibres. Wherever you are, Continental XTRA will surely transport your patrons to the lush plantations of Southern India.

100% pure instant coffee.
For instant nirvana.

The rare blend of Continental Speciale is made for the serious coffee connoisseur. The handpicked Arabica and Robusta beans are kissed by the sun for about 3 months. The slow roasting brings out the ripened flavours, surprising your patrons with a full bodied andrefreshing experience.

100% freeze dried coffee. Perfect with
the wake-up call.

Top of the line Robusta and select Arabica beans from the finest Indian plantations come together to give your guests a perfect start to their morning with the Continental Black Edition. State-of-theart lyophilisation or freeze-drying process ensures the elimination of all the water content yet carefully preserving all the essential components for a rich aroma and balanced taste.All this for a perfect cup of black coffee. For a cup of heaven, just add hot water.


Delectable coffee. Every single time.

This is an instant delight with a really long shelf life and a mixture of a non-dairy or dairy creamerwith sugar. The Continental Premix is for someone who wants to take crank up their coffee experience, instantly. What’s more? The Continental Premix is available in cardamom and lemon tea variants too.