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Continental Coffee- Coffee Vending Machine Installed at Gandhi Hospital

‘Life in the times of Corona’-The most used and relatable line that has become a part of all our lives. Everything we do or say either starts or ends with these lines. Everyone who is staying at home and doing their bit in trying to flatten the curve is a hero. And then, we have bigger heroes like Health Care Providers who are going out of their way to help India fight Corona. There are a million ways to say thank you to all the COVID warriors who are even risking their own lives to save other lives.

Continental coffee gladly installed coffee vending machines at Gandhi Hospital, Hyderabad for the benefit of COVID warriors, our unsung heroes! Health Care workers are working relentlessly round the clock to help victims of Corona and we, at Continental Coffee decided to thank them for their hard work and dedication.

Two Coffee Vending Machines have been successfully installed at the hospital which is dealing with more than 100 COVID cases. At Continental Coffee Private Limited, we believe, during extraordinary times like these, it is our responsibility to contribute in whatever way we can.

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