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Dear Coffee, I Love You

Have you ever imagined what goes behind the scenes in the making of a perfect cuppa? From seed to cup, the aromatic coffee goes through a series of processes before you take that satisfying sip. Let us take you through the journey of a coffee bean from seed to cup. Coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee fruit. It is important to choose high quality beans and maintain high standards of production at every step for a great cup of coffee. After the fruits are picked, they have to be processed to remove the outer layers of the seed. The green beans are cleaned and the defect ones are removed, leaving only the highest quality ones that make their way to the next step of the process. The beans go through a blending process which increases their complexity and gives it a depth of flavour of the final coffee. Now, it’s time to roast the beans, where they undergo physical and chemical changes, finally revealing their smooth and sweet flavour. The final product is ground and undergoes a series of taste tests before it makes it way to your shelves. Coffee gives pure love and satisfaction and expects nothing in return. It is only right to say, dear coffee, I love you!

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